About Us

Tap into your senses and take a journey with us around the world...

About MÔME

Mome is a Los Angeles based candle company which specializes in luxury hand poured, soy based candles. Since 2020, Mome has produced thousands of candles which are craftsman quality and offered in a variety of scents without the hassle of harmful chemicals and paraffins . Our fragrances are carefully curated for quality oils and each candle is made using only soy wax and cotton wicks, to ensure a slow and steady burn. We take pride in the fact that our candles are vegan, cruelty-free and phthalate-free.

We strongly embrace the idea that sense is one of our primary senses. We value the power it has in our lives and don't take it for granted for a moment. At Mome, we believe that integral to the design and character of your home is its smell. We aim to create scents that are subtle but unique and will create a lasting impression for your and your guests.

About ELEN

Elen Arutyunyan is a Los Angeles native and the founder and creator of Mome candles. An avid lover of candles, Elen shares she cannot remember a time where lighting candles was not part of her daily repertoire. Almost instinctively, she would always light a candle the moment she arrived home because it brought her peace and serenity. For years she continuously purchased and tested out candles from all sorts of local stores, boutique shops and major retail companies when it finally hit her: sure, her home smelled wonderful, but at what cost? After the birth of her two daughters, Chloe and Ella, she converted to an organic, cleaner household.

In line with changing standard household cleaning products came further looking into what she was burning in her home each time she lit a candle. After much research, she found that over 90% of her "favorite" candles contain paraffins that when lit, release toxic chemicals like benzene and toluene. Out of necessity, she used her love for candles to propel her to make the kind of candles she believed everyone should be using herself. Most inspired by her travels, she created each collection based on previous journeys around the world. Her mission was to relive her own personal memories but also to perhaps awaken the same feelings in others as well.

Elen Arutyunyan